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[ Name ]: Lindsey
>[ Nicknames ]:Dizzle,Cubby, Lin Lin
>[ Born in ]: PA
>[ Resides in ]: PA
>[ Good student? ]: Eh sometimes
>[ Eyes ]: greenish brown
>[ Hair ]: brown,blonde,black,pinkish/purple
>[ Shoe size ]:depends on the shoe

>Last time you..
>[ Had a nightmare ]: I hardly dream
>[ Said "I love you" and meant it ]:liiiike an hour ago
>[ Ate at McDonald's ]: i dont even remember... woahh
>[ Dyed your hair ]: uhm, im not sure
>[ Brushed your hair ]: this morning
>[ Washed your hair ]: this morning
>[ Checked your e-mail ]: today
>[ Cried ]: a while ago
>[ Called someone ]: yesterday
>[ Smiled ]: today
>[ Laughed ]: just now
>[ Talked to an ex ]: hmm, today

>Do You...
>[ Smoke? ]:eh
>[ Do drugs? ]:occasionally
>[ Have sex? ]:erm. no
>[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: nopers
>[ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: no
>[ Play an instrument? ]:nope
>[ Believe there is life on other planets? ] : not really.
>[ Remember your first love? ]:mhm
>[ Still love him/her? ]:yeah.
>[ Read the newspaper? ]: I DID TODAY! Mr.Eisle(sp?) let me 8) study halls = boring. Mr.Eisle is nice and lets me and Nicoh chill in his roooom :)
>[ Have any straight friends? ]: um.. most of them haha
>[ Consider love a mistake? ]: no
>[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]:NOT STRAIGHT VODKA OR TEQUILA. Blehhhhh! otherwise, yes.
>[ Believe in God? ]: to an extent
>[ Pray? ]: no
>[ Go to church? ]: nope
>[ Have any secrets? ]:yep
>[ Have any pets ]: two dogs, two pigs, a cat and some fish
>[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]:not usually
>[ Wear hats? ]: no
>[ Have any piercings? ]: my ears
>[ Have any tattoos? ]: no
>[ Hate yourself? ]: no
>[ Have an obsession? ]: no
>[ Have a secret crush? ]: no
>[ Collect anything? ]: nope
>[ Have a best friend? ]: yes,four. Brenda,Stacey,Christine and Meagan
>[ Like your handwriting? ]: sometimes
>[ Have any bad habits? ]: yeah
>[ Care about looks? ]: yesssah
>[ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: he's cute with his mohawk :)
>[ Friends and other people? ]:could careless
>[ Believe in witches? ]: nah
>[ Believe in Satan? ]: no
>[ Believe in ghosts? ]: eh kinda
>[ Dress ]: Shorts and a tshirt
>[ Mood ]: thoughtful
>[ Make-up ]: eyeliner,eyeshadow and mascara
>[ Music ]: COB! woot woot June 16thhhhhhh :)
>[ Taste ]: Chicken and noodles in Garlic cream sauce
>[ Hair ]:down and slightly curly
>[ Annoyance ]:the stubble on my legs! eeek.
>[ Smell ]: food
>[ Thought ]:am i working tomorrow or going to school?
>[ Book ]: The Boyfriend List
>[ Fingernail Color ]: Pinkkkkk
>[ Refreshment ]: sprite
>[ Worry ]: eh none
>[ Crush ]: i dont have a crush
>[ Favorite Celebrity ]: johnny depp
>Last Person:
>[ You Touched ]: uhmm.. brenda
>[ You Talked to ]: Mike
>[ You Hugged ]:Mike Rushanskiii
>[ You Instant messaged ]:Ceejay
>[ You Yelled At ]: Mr.Blowers. asshole.
>[ You Had A Crush On ]: uhm.. i dont know.. Jared?
>[ Who Broke Your Heart ]: uhm.. idk
>[ Kissed ]: Kristopherrr <3
>Who do you want to:
>[ Kill ]: bahahaha.
>[ Slap ]: bahahaha.
>[ Tickle ]:Brenda.
>[ Talk To ]: Kris
>[ Be Like ]:No one.ever.
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& this is the moment that I live for.

So lately things been pretty shitty. But today I stayed home & talked to Kris♥. hmm so tomorrow Vicky's supposed to come over to chill =). I love her tremendouslyyy. & the rest of the weekend i dont really have plans.. Well I hope everyone had a good day todayy! I love you all*♥
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So its been 2 monthes that me and Nino have been together♥
Oh yeah Meagan and Tom are going out..& tomorrow i get to see Angie =]
well im out homies.
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you don't recover from a night like this <3

so there's wayyyy to much to write about. but I'm so proud of myself cus i got a 103 on my Latin testttt ☺ so that was good.umm yeah..Lauren &* I have so much fun in GA thats its not funny! =] I love youuuu<3. Kat & i had a blassssssst saturday night. TFC LIKE NO OTHA! well im gunna like go i guess...Mucho love to all you sexy lj users ;P
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you only make things worse..

so first period was a breeze. Second period was fun cus Mead is too funny for words.3rd period I threw m&ms at Sage like usual and kelcie and I talked like usual.4th period Brooke kept trying to steal my damn stool but i wouldn't let him =] and then Mike was like "Yo meanie head leave her alone and pulled my stool really close to him. I was like "ummmm oh boy my pencil tip broke" and i walked to the sharpener and stood for the rest of the period lmfao.then we had Latin & godddd is that some funny shit. Ben Mike & I help Meagan so much cus shes blonde =P haha i love her though.so then we had lunch & thats always a joy =].then i had grahpic arts with Lauren and Shawniqua lmfao. So we just fuck around the whole time. 7th i had gym and we had to run the mile. I ran with Abbey for a lil while then Val then Ivy and ahhhh it was so bad =/.I got 11;16.Then i went to my locker & Nino was there so we walked down to my bus stop and he left and i hung out with Bobby Brittany and Brad and eventually Brenda<3. Then we got on the bus and yeahhh i hate that fuckin bus ride ><.So anyways yeahh that was my swell day =].
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Anything would bother me </3

So lately everythings been good..but today I got realllly mad at Nino and yeah =[ we're ok now i guess.this weekend im going to Meagans & friday night i might go to Sarah M's.Latin class is awesome cus Ben Meagan Mike and i laugh at like everything possible =P.Ben's pretty hot if ya know what im sayin haha.Well im gunna go make me some dinner..te amo♥
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